Meet Tashena

“I feel as though someone’s handed me the moon… and I don’t exactly know what to do with it.”

-Anne Shirley
(Anne of Green Gables)

Still to this day I get asked all the time how I fell in to the world of photography… And it’s simple. My husband bought me a camera to replace my little pink Sony camera I carried with me everywhere. I used that pink camera to take picture of our Daughter, to document my life around me, and to show the world what I thought was most beautiful. And then my camera just stopped working… So when my husband surprised me with a simple little canon camera my world went back to colorful and I documented everything all over again. From there I have never put my canon camera down.

Learning and growing with every turn. With the support of my Husband, family, and dear friends my photography adventure took off in to something I never expected.

Just like my favorite quote from Anne of Green Gables… …  every moment I am blessed to meet another Bride, every second I am doing what I love, it is another moment I feel as though I’ve been handed the moon.

Having clients and brides who put their trust and love in to my photography world is something I will forever cherish.

It takes a lot to tell a photographer you want to sign with them. Trust me I know! I was a Bride myself and that fear was real and unforgettable. I still look back to that day and cherish each image that was captured for me. I still look back and see my Daughter sitting there in a little chair with my 2 best friends getting her dressed and styling her hair like a little princess. They are memories that will always last a lifetime to me.

So to be able to be on the other side of the camera, to see my Bride full of life, emotions, and to see their story play out in front of them as I once did myself. It is something I am so grateful for! And it brings me right back to so many memories I cherish deeply myself.  To be able to capture my Bride’s wedding story for her so she can look back at one day and cherish too…  It’s what I adore being able to do!


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  • I am a believer saved by grace

  • I am a wife (married 7 years and counting)

  • I am a Mom of 2 little ones! (We call them our ‘Mini Me’s’) Little Tashina & Little Michael.

  • I am a Mom to a fur pup (golden retriever) her name is Eleanor

  • I’m a Coca-Cola FAN! Don’t you give me a Pepsi and think I won’t know, lol.

  • I am the BIGGEST java freak around! Seriously! My Baristas know me by name, the style coffee I am getting depending on the time of the week or day I walk in. (it’s sad I know, lol.)

  • I love a good book any day of the week.

  • My all time favorite TV shows: The X-Files and The Gilmore Girls

  • Favorite Beer… GUINNESS! But it has to be WARM.. Don’t hand me it cold. It will just sit there till it warms up, then it’s gone! lol.

  • My favorite flower is the Gardenia!

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Tashena Shaw Photography

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