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I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Always seen with coffee in my hands and finding any good reason to enjoy life with those I love.

I believe we all deserve magical moments to look back on…

Here is where weddings, family portraits, and events are all captured with a variety of documentation and prompt photography. I believe that the perfect mix of these styles help capture real and raw memories for all involved.

My wild and crazy family!
I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
They keep me on my toes & encourage me in more ways then I could ever imagine.
Something I am very proud of, is being published in Diamonds Direct engagement guide, for their stores!

• I am a believer in Jesus Christ!
• I am a wife (married 11 years and counting)
• I am a Mom of 2 little ones! (We call them our ‘Mini Me’s’) Little Tashina & Little Michael.
• I am a Mom to a fur pup (golden retriever) her name is Eleanor
• I’m a Coca-Cola FAN! Don’t you give me a Pepsi and think I won’t know, lol.
• I am the BIGGEST java freak around! Seriously! My Baristas know me by name, the style coffee I am getting depending on the time of the week or day I walk in. (it’s sad I know, lol.)
• I love a good book any day of the week.
• My all time favorite TV shows: The X-Files and The Gilmore Girls
• Favorite Beer… GUINNESS! But it has to be WARM.. Don’t hand me it cold. It will just sit there till it warms up, then it’s gone! lol.
• My favorite flower is the Gardenia!

I have also been the TOP 10% in the world wide Shoot & Share contest!

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I get asked all the time… “What is your favorite thing to shoot?” And truthfully that is such a hard question for me. Because when I look at my work and all my clients… It simply comes down to those I work with. The laughter, the moments, the memories, and all my returning clients that come with it too. So if I had to answer… It would simply be YOU my clients who entrust me with their raw and real moments. That is my favorite thing to capture. Real & Raw Moments!

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