Raquel and Jordan’s Wedding – Cypress Point Country Club – Virginia Beach

Okay, so here goes.  Raquel and Jordan are two of my favorites!  Why?  Because when COVID hit these two didn’t let that stop them.  We had to rearrange dates, venues, even vendors to help make their day come to life.  And they kept themselves in good spirits the whole time.  Their engagement session was a blast!  They were laughing and giggling like little children.  And I LOVED every moment of it.

Their wedding day was so relaxed, carefree, not stressful at all, and so much fun!  You would never have known that their wedding day was windy and rainy.  But we made sure to jump outside each time the rain slowed.  But of course you couldn’t hide from the wind.  So I reminded them,  “This is where we embrace the weather.  We are going to use that wind in these photos.”  And we did just that !!!

One of the greatest parts of their wedding was when Raquel made sure to let me know one thing.  She told me that out of the whole wedding day photos she wanted to make sure she had fun dancefloor photos.  She wanted them unique and real.  Now that is something I can do!  As the wedding day moved along these two were having so much fun.  Laughing, kissing, and dancing away.

Now take a look at some of these photos of their windy and rainy day at the Cypress Point Country Club in Virginia Beach! I also love that they were quick to add simple things for their day. And even made sure to have a bottle of wine from (White Oak Lavender Farm) just for them.

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