Summer Memories – Virginia Beach – Sandbridge Photographer

It’s that time of the year!  Where I announce summer dates for Sandbridge portraits.  This is where families who vacation in Sandbridge like to document their time together.  As well as locals who come to capture their growing families and little ones.  Even couples who like to have fun photos in the sand together.

(Other Examples:  Surprise Proposals, Maternity, Senior Portraits, Grandparents & Grandchildren, Birthdays, Fun Kids, Friendships, Mommy and Me, and SO MUCH MORE!)

With these sessions each date comes with a next day rain date.  As anyone who knows Virginia Beach and how fickle she can be with the weather, I like to make sure my clients have those back up dates in place.

These sessions are captured with a mix of documentary, prompt, and even some in acting candid moments.  I never want my clients to feel like they are just sitting and smiling like the old days of SEARS and Picture People.  To me children need to run, laugh, and explore.  Families need to be real and raw in their moments with one another.  Couples need to dance and snuggle up while the sun sets behind them.  To me these summer memories are to be captured with carefree moments to help show the real smiles behind each photoshoot.

If you are still reading this and this sounds like something you would enjoy, if this sounds like your style of photos. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!

Feel free to reach out to me by email, website, or even social media.

I would LOVE to send you my dates and availability for your summer memories at Sandbridge in Virginia Beach.

***All dates and times are first come first serve.  And require a 50% retainer and signed contract to lock in your session with me.  Available summer dates take place during May, June, July, & August.  These summer dates can NOT be used with past or future sales.  And do NOT include mini sessions.***

One response to “Summer Memories – Virginia Beach – Sandbridge Photographer”

  1. Obsessed with all these beach photos! Can’t wait to get mine done ❤️

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