Baptism – Sandbridge – Little Island Park – Virginia Beach Photographer 

Over the summer while shooting at Sandbridge I watched this young man walk down to the water, and you could see he was waiting for someone.  After a few minutes I watched people approach him. I watched how they gathered around him even closer.

At this moment I knew I had about 15 minutes before my next family was to arrive.  In my heart I felt strongly about picking my camera back up and begin to shoot what I was seeing.  This young man was being prayed for, this young man was giving his life to Jesus.  And it was so beautiful to witness another brother come to our Heavenly Father and surrender his life to God.

I knew in this moment of shooting this baptism, my next family could walk up at any moment and I would have to stop capturing this moment.  But God’s timing is everything!  And I was able to capture the whole thing.  I walked up to a woman and handed her my card.  Told her to please get in contact with me.  I would be honored to send her the photos I was able to capture of this young man.  I then learned that the young man was her son.

I share these photos with permission from his Mom to show you that our Heavenly Father is all around us and ALWAYS with us.  To be able to witness another life come to Christ and surrender everything to Jesus is AMAZING and such a blessing.

This young man’s walk with Christ from that moment on will not be easy.  It will be hard.  But our Heavenly Father is loving and powerful.

If you are still reading this I ask for you to say a prayer for this young man.  That Jesus will continue to move and grow in his life.  That God will weed the garden and give this young man all the rich soil he needs to flourish and help plant other seeds along the path he walks.

To this young man’s family.  God Bless You All!  It was beautiful to witness your love for him and how you all prayed over him.

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