Recycle Your Wedding Attire – Portraits – West Freemason Street Area Historic District – Norfolk Virginia Photographer

When you tell them to put their wedding attire back on and capture a unique shoot together.

Chase and Michelle chatted with me about style and how we could change things up a little for them.  Making their session fun and unique to them.  These two sweet souls were smiling and laughing the whole time.  You could just see the love that was pouring from them.  Making these portraits even more memorable for them.

I love having my couples stay true to who they are.  That as we are shooting together I can see real and raw moments between them.

Just look at their smiles and how much fun they had.

If I could tell any couple after getting married one thing they should do…  It would be to put back on your wedding attire and go have some fun together.  Capture those memories and make a fun date out of it just like Chase and Michelle did.

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF PUTTING YOUR DRESS BACK ON AND CAPTURING SOME FUN MOMENTS…  Please reach out to me, I would love to help capture these fun and unique memories for you too.

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