Surprise Engagement – Sandbridge – Virginia Beach – Photographer

Frankie reached out to me about something he wanted to do for the love of his life Grace. A surprise engagement in Sandbridge. I loved everything about it! Frankie wanted to make sure that she did not have a clue about what was to happen. We chatted for a few weeks about every detail and even had a few back up plans in place. And everything was so smooth and perfect for these love birds. Grace was in shock, full of light, giggles, and so much joy she couldn’t hide it. So YES, as you can see she didn’t skip a beat and was quick to shout YES to Frankie.

Just look at these photos we captured of Grace and Frankie after SHE SAID YES! (side note: I love that Grace jumped to kiss Frankie and when she saw he had red on his lips too. She was quick to help remove it. It was the CUTEST most SWEETEST thing I ever saw. I just had to make sure I captured that moment too.)

I just love surprise engagement sessions!

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