Kylin and Kevin’s Wedding – Dover Hall – Goochland Virginia

Another timeless wedding being pulled from the archives and shared with you all.  Kylin and Kevin reached out to me on Instagram to help capture their story.  During their planning of their wedding we all were at the height of covid.  And these two amazing souls wanted to still celebrate with those they love and care about.  I loved that no matter what they knew that love and family are everything.  And what better way than to have your wedding at Dover Hall with close loved ones.

Everything about their day was perfect.  The venue, the food, the style of their wedding, the fall colors, the laughter of the family, and even more so the atmosphere at every turn.

One of the things I loved the most about Kylin and Kevin’s special day is how they made sure to put themselves first by making time for a first look, family photos, and their wedding portraits, all before the ceremony even started.  It was such a unique way of making sure they embraced their wedding and memories before all the excitement started.

Most of all I love how they made sure all who arrived were safe and taken care of.  Especially during a time when the world had many sad things taking place.  But above it all Kylin and Kevin made sure to show that no matter what LOVE overcomes everything.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes reel we created and all the fun they had on Instagram. (link here)

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